Data is your resource, STATUS is your engine.

With the questionnaire platform STATUS you can build questionnaires easily, get data from your interviewees regularly through our app and make smart decisions based on customized information visualisation.

Build Forms

Ask any type of question, set alarms to notify your questions. Anything you want to know from your interviews can be asked by STATUS.

Survey Anyone

Send the questionnaires securely to your interviewees. They can be answered via our free Android app or via Webbrowser. Our pseudonymisation concept lets you ask delicate questions without risking data leaks

Put Data to Use

Use our information visualisation templates, create your own or simply export the gathered data via CSV.

This is what our users say about STATUS

“Questionnaires are an important tool in our daily work. Before STATUS we evaluated paper questionnaires. This took a long time and was prone to errors. Now we have the information that counts at a glance!”

Dipl.-Psych. Nora Görg, Institute of Psychology, Goethe University Frankfurt

“We want to use ambulatory assessment to gather answers from our patients to questions that we develop in our team meetings. We see no affordable alternative to STATUS on the market.”

Prof. Dr. Martin Bohus, Scientific Director at Germany’s largest psychotherapy clinic, the CI Mannheim

Benefits of STATUS

Paper costs you time and answers

Studies show that the response rate in the psychotherapy sector is for paper-based questionnaires around 50%. STATUS increases your response rates up to 90% without losing time and money.

Unlimited interviewees, one interviewer free.

STATUS is free, forever. Create an unlimited number of forms and send them to an unlimited number of interviewees. STATUS’ pro plan gives you multiple accounts to manage your participants, forms and evaluations.

Data protection.

The data is stored in Germany and is subject to strict data protection standards on EuropeanFederal and State level. STATUS is closely collaborating with the Hessian data protection authority. All data ist stored in a DIN ISO/IEC 27001 certified data center.

Integration into existing flows.

Use the data you collect. Analyze it through off-the-shelf dashboards, feed it into your existing backend or create your own information visualizations with a few clicks.

Developed with industry experts.

The majority of our users are from academia research and the mental health domain. This is where STATUS originated from. Today, STATUS has users in various fields of application.

The Web App

STATUS provides you with all the functionality you need to conduct your survey.

Feature List

  1. Use STATUS for single surveys or constant data collections, like Ambulatory Assessments
  2. Create and manage questionnaires using a variation of answer types, even speech.
  3. Use conditioned questions to keep your survey lean for your interviewees: if answer was X then ask Y else Z
  4. Create and manage interviewees – if needed use our pseudonymization concept, approved by the Hessian data protection authority
  5. We encrypt the data transmission to provide safety for your data
  6. The STATUS Web App is mobile friendly: interviewees can answer your questionnaire on their mobile devices flawlessly
  7. Use our dashboards to monitor your survey, or customize them to suit them to your needs

The Android App

Want to get feedback from your interviewees over a longer period? Need to remind your interviewees to answer at a specific point in time? Give them our free Android App.

Feature List

  1. Anonymously connect by scanning an QR Code or send a questionnaire link to the interviewee directly
  2. Push notifications to remind interviewees to fill in questionnaires, the alarm is set via the web-app
  3. Multiple users can use the same device to fill in only their questionnaires
  4. Remotely adding or removing questionnaires without bothering the interviewees
  5. If set each interviewee can change the scheduling of each questionnaire

STATUS is mentored by

He is the world wide leading psychotherapy researcher for trauma and borderline personality disorder. Author of the borderline manual, head of the institute of psychiatric-psychosomatic psychotherapy at Germany’s largest psychotherapy clinic, the Central Institute for Mental Health. His mentor was Marsha Linnehan, the inventor of dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT).

He is a leading researcher in the domain of artificial intelligence (AI). Author of several books and received several awards for his work. He is the managing director of the Institute for Applied Informatics Darmstadt (aiDa) and chairs the doctorate committee of the Doctoral Center for Applied Computer Science.

Scientific Funding

Status is used in the research project “DBT Benchmarking” (HA-No.: 517/16-29), which is funded by the Hessian Ministry of Science and the Arts within the framework of the Research Excellence for the Future of Hessen funding programme. More information about the project on Researchgate.