Multi-Modal Feedback &
Easy Surveys

Build a Questionnaire

Chose from over 20 different question types or create an ambient, sensor based questionnaire.

The simple UI allows you to create questionnaires within a couple minutes.

Schedule it

Once the questionnaire is created, you decide when users get notified to fill them out. For example ask your employees every Monday if there’s anything that bothers them and needs to change.

Analyze Outcome

Show answers in real-time, export them or create intuitive dashboards and data aggregations exactly suited to your needs. Status lets you deep dive into the data.

Management App

Through the management Web App you can create, manage and analyse questionnaires, interviewees and answers.

Interviewee App

Interviewees can answer questionnaires with the easy-to-use mobile app. Reminders make sure users never miss a scheduled questionnaire.

What researchers say about Status

"Questionnaires are an important tool in our daily work. Before Status we evaluated paper questionnaires. This took a long time and was prone to errors. Now we have the information that counts at a glance."
Dr. Nora Görg
"We want to use ambulatory assessment to gather answers from our patients to questionnaires we develop for them. We see no affordable alternative to Status on the market."
Prof. Dr. Martin Bohus
Scientific Director, ZI Mannheim

Status is used in the research project “DBT Benchmarking” (HA-No.: 517/16-29), which is funded by the Hessian Ministry of Science and the Arts within the framework of the Research Excellence for the Future of Hessen funding programme. More information about the project on Researchgate.